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Braking systems involve various parts working together to help you to stop and drive your vehicle in a controlled manner. the main parts of your vehicles braking system are master cylinderservobrake calipersbrake fluid and cylindersdisks,drumspad and shoe.

All the parts are linked by a series of brake hoses and brake pipes containing brake fluid, so when you press down on your brake pedal the car slows down and stops. The rate at which your brakes slow the vehicle speed is determined by how hard and how long your brakes are applied via the pedal, and of course what condition your brakes are in.

Brakes are in use more often when driving around town and locally, rather than on motorway journeys, dont forget that at anytime you may need to use your brakes to stop your vehicle quickly in an emergency. So keeping an effective vehicle braking system is a main priority for every driver.

Regular brake checks are an important part of any vehicles maintenance plan. regular brake checks are a must, this provides the opportunity to restore the effectiveness of your vehicle’s braking system to its intended performance.

in the event of an accident caused by faulty brakes, the results of not maintaining an effective braking system could result in prosecution. Your vehicle will also fail its MOT test if braking efficiency is below the required standard.

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The performance of your vehicle’s braking system is tested on a rolling road to measure the amount of braking force generated while operating both the hand and foot brake. The braking force is then recorded and compared to the manufacturer’s specified level. Any reading falling outside these tolerance levels will result in an MoT test failure.

As best practice for people who cover average or greater than average annual mileage and for normal mileage motorists,Autopfect Ltd Rotherham recommend that a vehicle’s braking system is checked at least twice a year

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